Rainbow Bridge

We try to keep our dogs as healthy and sound as long as possible with us, at home in loving care and affection. Unfortunately, the time is merciless and we do have to part. It always leaves a tremendous wound in our hearts and souls. If leaving us early or deeper in their golden years, the loss is never easy and we always wish for more.....Thats why when they finish their final track, they always return to our home, to stay with us forever - even without their lively shape full of charisma, doggie smiles and tail wags. We love you babies, you are always in our hearts and thoughts.

Deep in my soul I know, we will meet again... I know you are still keeping an eye on us and just because you were needed as angels, you had to leave us here. But one day, our paths will cross again..........I will be ready...tennis balls, treats and everything.... Don't keep me waiting then and run to me at once, once you hear my footsteps on the Rainbow bridge....


My first dog and soulmate, the reason behind RUSTY Love. All he had was love. All he caused was love. 

Arny od Zabelskeho Dubu

1.6.2001 - 4.10.2012


My first girl. The first Champion. The first Trial Champion. The first RustyLove litter. She was my second, but in many ways first. 

DualCh Audrin Vetcare Bohemia U

3.6.2004 - 2.7.2016


Our hope and love. Swedish prince and goofball, full of energy that ran out so fast. You broke our hearts and shattered our souls....

Kapplandet's Xibanya Casper

31.10.2014 - 21.8.2017