Robin is a Junior ChCZ and Polish Champion

In one week all papers did fit together and our darling Robin not only passed temperament test (OVVR), which event I rather do not talk about,  as it was my worst experience (NOT thanks to test judges or the test director) in my dog training and examining career of past 15years, but we also managed to collect the diploma for the Czech Junior Championship and today, we got confirmation that his first "adult championship title" was awarded to him by Polish Kennel Club. 


We are very happy with his results, as so far, in every show he was ever entered to, he managed to be either first or second in his class. Way to go, Robin! 


More about him on his personal page .



So from now on - welcome to the champion class, Robin. Yet, you were our champion from the first moment I saw you in your puppy pics with your mom Djurdjica. Thanks D, for this lovely young gentleman. 

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