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Grand Ch MCD, BiH

Robin - Viggo Happy Company

Robin is our big baby, which never seems to have enough cuddles and love. We did import him in very hard times for our family, when we lost our darling Audrin and just one year later he was the one, who helped me through losing Casper unexpectedly. He has the biggest hearts of all. He is  strong built boy with good bone, pigment and loveliest of heads and while his prime time is well ahead, we already are very happy with how he develops.


His spacious movement full of coverage and style, correct topline and angulations, together with sunny and happy disposition never failed him and did put him up into cards at all the shows we entered so far. 


His health record is outstanding and temperament is to die for. Robin is very talented in terms of work, one of the puppies who had seen a lake for the first time and just dived in to fetch a dummy. I could not have asked for more. He never placed other but 1st or 2nd at any shows he was ever entered.


Djurdjica, thank you for your trust and allowing us to have him. 

His first litter amazed us and we can no wait to see more of his offspring. 

Import Croatia - Happy Company kennel

B.B. King Oligarchia x Heart Beat Happy Company




HD: A/A, ED:0/0, OCD:Free


GR-PRA1&2 Clear by parentage

Gonio/CAT ECVO Clear 2018

ICT-A max Carrier by parentage

Full Dentition, stands at 60cm


Full Pedigree on K9data

Show Results

Junior Club Winner KCHLS Humpolec 2017

Junior Champion CZ

Polish Champion

BiH Champion

Macedonian Champion

Serbian Champion

BiH Federation Champion

BiH Grand Champion

Macedonian Grand Champion

Crufts 2020 Qualified 2x

BIG, BIG2, 3x BOB, BOJ, 3x CACIB, 3x R.CACIB, 11x CAC, 5x r.CAC, 3xCAJC



Exc3 L. Chalmers (NZ)
27.7.19 CAC Split Exc2, r.CAC M.G.Lorenzo
26.7.19 CACIB Split Winner Exc2, r.CAC, r.CACIB B.Rajic
25.7.19 CAC Split Exc2, res.CAC G.Ehrenreich
29.4.19 CACIB Skopje Exc1, CAC, CACIB I.Selimovic
28.4.19 CACIB Skopje Exc1, CAC, r.CACIB  
27.4.19 CACIB Skopje Exc1, CAC, CACIB, BOB D.Gregovski
26.4.19 CACIB Medugorje Exc1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, BOG2 V.Mudresa
25.4.19 CACIB Medugorje Exc1, CAC, r.CACIB Z.Kraljic
25.4.19 CAC Medugorje (BiH) Exc1, CAC, BOB, BOG D. Paunovic
1.7.18 CAC Wiszla (PL) Exc1, CWC M.Parasyn
13.5.18  KV CAC Humpolec (CZ) Exc1, CAC R. Fagerstrom
12.5.18  KV CAC Humpolec (CZ) Exc2, res. CAC A.Stepinski
5.5.18    CACIB Prague (CZ) Exc1, CAC L. Frncova
22.10.18 CACIB Poznan (PL) Exc1, CWC  
21.10.18 CACIB Poznan (PL) Exc1, CWC, Res. CACIB L.Volarikova
5.7.17  KV CAC Kelč (CZ) Exc1, CAJC B. Espeland
7.5.17  KV CAC Humpolec (CZ) Exc1, CAJC J. Wild
6.5.17  KV CAC Humpolec (CZ) Exc1, CAJC, JCW, BOJ D. Ericsson
15.4.17  CACIB Prague (CZ) Exc2  


OVVR - temperament test


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Robins Videos

Summer 2019 - Robin became champion of 3 countries this season - and this is a short celebrating video, where you can see our great summer and my baby boy on the move :-)

Puppies sired by Robin

First Robins Litter was born in kennel Silvis Sancti Huberti (6 girls and 3 boys) on 1st May 2019