About Us

RustyLove Motto

Where there is a will, there is a way. As long as you can admit to your fails, you have a capacity to learn and grow. If you got a talent, protect it. 


Short history

Me and my husband Tom, without none of the circus called breeding would be possible, live in Central Bohemia, near Pragues International Airport.


Our dogs are primarily our pets, we are not a commercial breeding facility. That gives us the opportunity to both keep and collect those "not so perfect" or in need and enjoy the golden years of our veterans. 


I am a judge for FCI Field Trials and I do organise puppy ringcraft classes on demand for our puppies and everyone else. We do represent our country and our breeding in CRUFTS, Birmingham (the biggest show possibly in world not only for our breed, who has its roots in UK) since the year 2008.


RustyLove Family

We do like to stay in touch with owners of our puppies, and our annual gatherings are becoming legendary (nothing like the Quisachan Castle though...).


We hold annual NewYears walk in Voznice, where our first litter was born and we have a prolonged weekend in TriStudne which is the place where 17years ago, my first dog Rusty took his first lounge into the pond on his own. 


We do prefer families as owners to our pups. No hard ambitions even though our puppies tend to do well in show rings and field and we do provide a lifelong support to those, who like to join us in the exhibition/training/breeding hobby. As hobby it should be and always remain.


We live in a house and our dogs live with us. Those are conditions we do require from all, that book a puppy with us. 

Club Membership & Knowledge

None is born wise. Thats why I believe in gathering knowledge from all over the world. For that  we are happy to be members of following breeding clubs:

  • Retriever Club CZ
  • Golden Retriever Club UK (we are the one and only member from CZ and I am very proud of it)