Big Update

I did not manage to update our website for many months due to so much more important tasks at hand, up until now. 


Not that we have a less work in Rusty Love, but our golden family unfortunately changed so much that our website was becoming obsolete. In course of past 4 months we lost three of our babies and therefor our virtual rainbow bridge needed some major changes, which is simply breaking our hearts. We did have to say goodbyes to Buddy, Jack and Muffin. Which seems to us just unbearable to write more at this tragic point in time. 


To not be only sad, we also had some successes in showfield during past months. Both of our boys - Robin (Viggo Happy Company) and Macik (Last Sunny Mac Rusty Love) - became champions and even grand champions. Woohoo! Both are also at stud and Robin did already welcome his first litter, which we are very proud of. 


Leia (Kiss Me Quick Rusty Love) finished her international champion title, which makes her another Rusty Love bred International champion. 


We had a chance to enjoy the second litter from Viky and Scot (Amilone Royal Scot) during the end of spring and start of summer, out of which one sweet girl stays at home - Pink Pixie Rusty Love - welcome baby girl. 


Last but not least we hope that there is another litter in making as I write, as week ago we visited lovely Estonia with our coowned Merci and we hope and keep our fingers crossed. 

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